Process improvement

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MIM implements improvements in all aspects of industrial operations, logistics, production, maintenance, etc…

We are analyzing costs and work organization to identify opportunities for improvement through LEAN techniques and industrial analysis.

Propose and execute solutions keys in hand, both in terms of direct logistics flow solutions, such as the analysis of processes established to implement improvements in the field of our customers whatever their process.

Our “goal” is to make our customers and consequently the society in which we live, improve distribution processes and business productivity.

Our engineering specializes in the design and development of machinery. This department made all kinds of calculations related to the world of metal and logistics, production, assembly, etc…

The development of new projects can be at your request or own product designs MIM.

Another branch very worked by our engineering is the improvement of existing equipment to adapt to new performance requirements and / or products. Our goal is to find the right solution at the lowest possible cost and this solution robust enough to ensure production without interference.

We provide all the supports computer-aided design so that from the moment the client can capture the essence of the product. Our team works to meet all customer needs always providing added value and new ideas to the project, with the most powerful 3D digital market stand.

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