Preventive maintenance

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MIM know that maintenance is not a “miscellaneous” function, produces a real asset, which can be summarized as: ability to produce quality, safety and profitability.

This type of maintenance arises from the need to lower the corrective and everything it represents. It aims to reduce the repair through a routine periodic inspection and renewal of damaged items if the second and third are not made, the first is inevitable.


  • KNOW IS AND CONCERNED, Regular care involves optimal conservation study with an effective application to help correct quality system and continuous improvement is essential.
  • EMPLOY METHODOLOGIES IMPROVEMENT PROCESS AS 6 Sigma to achieve a reduction of corrective representing a reduction of production costs and increased availability, this enables planning of work in the maintenance department and a forecast of spare parts or means necessary.
  • Concrete bargaining power is mutually agreed the best time to make the stop with production facilities.
  • MINIMUM INVESTMENT BY OUR CUSTOMERS infrastructure and skilled labor. Development plans maintenance should be performed by specialized technicians.
  • WE HAVE CAPABILITY ANALYSIS, If a correct analysis of the level of preventive maintenance is not done, you can overload the maintenance cost without substantial improvements in availability.
  • OUR TEAM IS INVOLVED AND IS CREATIVE, routine work when prolonged in time produces lack of motivation on staff, so you have to create imaginative systems to convert repetitive work in a job that generates satisfaction and commitment, involvement of preventive operators it is essential to the success of the plan.

We work with our clients as if we were a department so they can get the advantages that large firms.

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