Corrective maintenance

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MIM know that maintenance is not a “miscellaneous” function produces a real asset, which can be summarized as: ability to produce quality, safety and profitability.


We have a team prepared for intervention, for which the solution is fast and fault reset element in most cases we do it with minimum time.

Our customers do not need excessive infrastructure therefore fixed costs will be the minimum for our customers.

In the corrective we prioritize the experience and expertise of the operators ahead of the ability to analyze or study the type of problem to occur.

We advise the customer that this is the kind of proper maintenance for all computers that do not instantly involved in production, where the implementation of another system would be uneconomical.

Perform corrective operations to ensure the quality of repair, equipment downtime, the means and precautions to be taken at the level of health and safety are adequate.

We work with the client so that the intervention time when stops occur as small as possible.

To perform standard or corrective specific operations, we avoid what usually usually happens when you intervene in a corrective repair, as they are often made with poor quality repairs because of the speed of intervention and priority to replenish before definitely repair, so defectively produced a habit to work, feeling of dissatisfaction and helplessness, since such interventions often generate other over time due to poor repair therefore be very difficult to break this inertia.

Maintenance objectives:

The design and implementation of any organizational system and subsequent computerization should always keep in mind that is at the service of certain objectives. Any sophistication of the system must be considered with great caution to avoid precisely these objectives are masked or hinder their achievement.

In the case of maintenance, organization and information should be directed to the permanent achievement of the following objectives:

Optimizing availability of productive equipment.

Decreased maintenance costs.

Optimization of human resources.

Maximizing machine life.

We work with our clients as if we were a department, and they can get the advantages that large firms.

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