Hydraulic & pneumatic

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MIM is involved in the development of electro-pneumatic projects for different industrial sectors.

The pneumatics saves energy and causes minimal environmental impact. It is quiet, clean and safe.

In order to give a full service to our customers, we integrate within our company structure a tire department consists of professionals with ability to design and analyze installations electro-pneumatic systems.

We have a large support team with extensive experience, customer service 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Specializing in new projects or re-engineering of automatic or semiautomatic facilities.

Mainly specialized in projects for industrial and automotive logistics, we provide extensive knowledge in all sectors with continuous processes of nature such as the pharmaceutical, chemical and ancillary services. Our extensive know-how level Process Control enables efficient project management and competitive solutions of the highest quality and satisfaction.

We offer solutions design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of automation projects for industrial processes covering the supply of cabinets, pneumatic and control, supply and installation of instrumentation, system configuration and operation.

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