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MIM Metall carry out the whole process of making steel structures. This process consists of precalculation of the structure, manufacture and assembly.

With our growing experience, we have learned to always adapt to the needs of each customer, always with the aim to offer the best product at the lowest cost.

With designs of tubular structures is achieved:

– Reducing the weight of certain key elements of structures 30%.

– Greatly reduce manufacturing times.

– Reduce up to 50% the surface to be treated with shot blasting and painting.

– Reduce future maintenance.

– Improved fire behavior.

Often our customers have to modify an existing space (add a ladder or architectural element, raise or lower the ceiling …) to adapt to new needs and activities. Our steel structures are designed exclusively for each client.

The components of the metal structures are 100% recyclable materials; the steel used is raw material, non-disposable material that does not pollute, and can be recycled several times without losing their mechanical properties.

MIM Metall we are specialized in the design and manufacture of cooling tanks in stainless steel, as well as any element of buffer fluid stagnation. The most common material in sheet metal working is rolling and steel beams in different alloys, shapes and thicknesses. Our more than 1000m2 workshop has all the necessary for the realization of any project (either for businesses or individuals) machinery:

Press brake, shear, bending cilindrar, hydraulic Sierra, braiding machines, wire and electrode welding, cutting torch (acetylene or propane oxygen).

The implementation of projects is tailored to the client, whether a company or an individual. We have a well trained and motivated on continuous process improvement team so that the client can receive the highest quality.

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