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Given the need to cover new markets and strengthen them in different geographical areas and with the aim of further majoring MIM, MIM VALLS is created.

Its technological contribution is based on the design and construction of electrical panels and automation projects in different industrial, production, logistics indoles, assemblies, etc.

MIM VALLS provide from its headquarters and based on the organization of MIM all services (maintenance, machining, electronics, etc.) it offers a treatment and proximity response in their environment.


The search for maximum productivity of facilities and processes, through the thorough knowledge of them, analyzing the best working methods and the definition of the best processes.

Once this is done, the reduction of production costs or performance of services goes through the automation of these processes. In this case the experience in implementing such projects ensures successful implementation and safe return on investment.

MIM have a team of analysts, technicians, designers, electrical, electronic, mechanical and programmers, as well as necessary for the completion and successful implementation of process automation facilities assemblers.

Among the automation processes we have developed, among others, technologies:

– Automation of industrial processes in chemical industries, automotive, logistics, metallurgy, textile …

– Maintenance and warehouse automation.

– Artificial vision.

– Robotization.

– Refrigeration.

– Industrial washing.

– Recognition laser, RFID, barcode readers.